2023-12-22: Electric Adventures


2021-10-22: A Reflector, Finally2021-6-20: A Cat2021-6-19: Darth Cat2021-6-19: Fashion Cat


2020-6-1: Sketch


2019-9-26: Live Drawing At Thu2019-9-25: Decay Sketch Pencil2019-8-17: Pun Intended2019-7-31: Accident2019-7-27: The Oger2019-7-10: And The Lord Spoke Onto Boris2019-6-13: Static2019-6-13: Story Display2019-6-2: Bunny2019-5-18: Stinker Bell2019-5-4: Heaven2019-4-28: The Mad King2019-4-18: Wormhole2019-4-1: AOC Sketching Exercise2019-3-15: Bad Bunny2019-2-17: Poster Prize For Illustration2019-01-31: Freunde Der Cloud2019-01-21: Sketch2019-01-07: Big Ben Striking Thirteen2019-01-05: Study2019-01-05: Sketches2019-01-01: Architecture Study


2018-12-31: Character Study2018-12-30: Character Study2018-11-24: Sketch2018-11-22: Coloured Sketch2018-11-20: Sketch2018-11-01: Study2018-10-31: Study2018-09-01: Progeny2018-08-27: Female Sidekick2018-08-24: Parasol2018-08-22: Head Study2018-08-22: Landscape2018-08-22: Study2018-07-16: Hundred Years Hence2018-06-28: Obey2018-06-24: Southern Troublemaker2018-06-24: Evil Incarnate2018-06-21: Sketch2018-06-16: Epidemic 2018-06-16: Sketch2018-06-05: Octo Kid2018-06-03: Moon Calf Patrol2018-06-02: Mountain Troll2018-05-25: Byte Ho Tep2018-05-23: Sketch2018-05-23: Study2018-05-21: Bee Two Point O2018-05-19: Wall2018-05-11: Flowers2018-04-14: Sketch2018-04-03: Candles2018-03-19: Sketch2018-02-15: Demon2018-02-10: Digital Sketch2018-02-07: Colorstudy 22018-02-07: Study2018-01-16: Female Character


2017-12-11: Hood2017-12-02: At the zoo2017-11-11: Zealot2017-08-18: Messenger2017-08-18: Encounter2017-08-11: Searching Lucy2017-08-05: Cherries of Wrath2017-07-31: Study2017-07-30: Lizzard2017-07-30: Forest for the trees2017-07-27: System2017-07-27: Final Frontier2017-07-25: Monocle2017-07-24: Fisheses2017-07-24: black and white study II2017-07-22: Antagonist2017-07-20: head2017-07-18: Tin Can2017-07-17: Wings2017-07-16: Schädelweiß2017-07-14: Study2017-07-11: Red one2017-07-11: office situation2017-07-07: Smile2017-07-04: Tinted Sketch2017-07-03: New Moon2017-07-01: Monochrome2017-06-29: Profile2017-06-28: Phones2017-06-27: Colour Study2017-06-06: Junicorn (bare bone version)2017-03-21: Symbiosis2017-03-01: Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.2017-02-26: Business2017-02-25: Shadowy2017-02-22: Trappist-12017-02-18: Void2017-02-05: Maria mit dem Helm2017-02-04: Color Study2017-01-26: Color Study2017-01-25: Ink Study2017-01-03: Pencil Study


2016-11-25: Werhörnchen2016-11-16: Blinding Darkness2016-11-06: Better keep it closed2016-11-05: Inking on …2016-10-30: Inktober #30 – wreck2016-10-25: Inktober #25 – tired2016-10-25: Inktober #24 – one dozen2016-10-22: Inktober #21 – big2016-10-19: Inktober #18 – Escape2016-10-17: Inktober #17 – Battle2016-10-16: Inktober #14 – Tree2016-09-25: Agile Creative Teamwork at Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 20162016-09-17: Miracles of Tróia, day 12016-09-13: Trojan horse was a unicorn is drawing nearer …2016-09-10: Digital Pencil Work2016-08-30: CSP Sketches2016-07-28: Honestly real and serious drawing2016-07-08: Pencil Sketch2016-06-05: Shady Heads2016-05-28: Skipping Comic-Salon Erlangen2016-05-26: Inking / Coloring Test2016-05-10: A Little Bit Of Horror2016-05-09: Robotics2016-04-09: Colouring DevAbo.de2016-03-13: Sunday Evening Sketches2016-03-01: Tuesday Evening Sketches2016-02-17: Fine-tuning the Pencils2016-02-14: Male Lead Role2016-02-12: Lischd2016-01-23: BssNssPpl2016-01-16: Colour Studies2016-01-11: Writing Webcomic Concepts – Making Webcomics Part I2016-01-10: How to Create a Creative Environment2016-01-09: Some late evening painting test2016-01-04: Creativity, Storytelling and Hypnosis2016-01-02: A sequential sketch


2015-12-24: Something with Horns2015-12-23: iPhone Open Source Geolocation Radio Play for DevAbo.de2015-11-25: Kommt vor2015-11-11: Nope. It doesn’t.2015-11-04: Well, you could try to create a wordless interface.2015-10-30: Because programmers need a name for everything.2015-10-29: Well, I guess so.2015-10-29: Okay, but why?2015-10-23: Armleuchter2015-10-17: Developing Lucy’s Antagonists2015-10-13: Daily Structure Play #22015-10-12: Daily Structure Play #12015-10-11: Facial Expressions2015-10-10: Textures, Copy Stamp and Blur2015-10-10: Payday2015-09-09: Aquitaine2015-07-31: Artvertising 20152015-07-19: Drawing Lectures2015-07-15: Some tool rearrangements, etc.2015-07-02: A bunch of heads2015-04-23: Castingfehler2015-03-17: Colour Sketches2015-03-01: V.R. Freies Hessen


2014-12-07: Santa Claus, Attempt #012014-12-05: Leitkultur2014-11-24: Colouring2014-09-18: License Expired2014-09-17: Monument2014-09-10: Inking Exercise2014-08-24: DevAbo.de meets RoC, part II2014-06-25: Advertising …2014-05-31: Colour Study2014-01-19: Hungry Birds2014-01-17: Fable


2013-12-12: DevAbo.de goes RoC2013-11-17: DevAbo.de Postcards Are Here2013-11-14: Westend Galaxy2013-07-25: Gambling2013-07-17: Oh, My Princess ..2013-07-13: The Tourette Programming Language2013-05-31: Anxiety Engineering2013-05-27: Housing2013-05-19: Digital Pencils2013-05-07: Sketch Publica, Pt. 32013-05-06: Sketch Publica, Pt. 22013-05-06: Sketch Publica, Pt.12013-03-23: Enough Is Enough2013-02-28: Corporate Fauna2013-02-10: Color And Easter Post Cards2013-02-02: Consulting Revisited


2012-11-26: BarCamp RheinMain 20122012-11-21: Tourist Evolution2012-11-14: When Visiting Gizeh …2012-11-07: Asteroids2012-10-01: 3D Maquette Tool2012-09-30: Paleontology2012-09-09: Hunter And Gatherer2012-09-06: Rainy Day2012-08-28: Nest Potato2012-08-19: Economies Of Scale2012-07-24: Mascots2012-07-19: October Religion2012-07-11: Education2012-06-10: Biker Tales2012-06-04: GFK2012-05-22: Comparison2012-04-27: Innocent!2012-04-16: Dreiste Lebensmittellüge2012-04-08: Easter Phenomenon2012-03-16: Easter Engineering


2011-09-18: Words Often Come Too Easy …2011-09-10: Berlin Baby Food2011-09-08: Gullivers Sister2011-08-20: Captain Germany2011-06-25: Bombus Rhombus2011-06-18: Befriending The Wacom Tablet2011-06-11: The Camel Within2011-05-20: Falconry2011-04-15: Springtime Chimaera2011-02-16: Trying Manga Studio2011-02-06: Emotional Economics I


2010-12-28: Innovative Agriculture2010-12-20: Tombola Cookies2010-12-17: Food Market Innovation2010-11-23: Fundamental Truth #12010-11-02: MathyCosy2010-10-23: Pizza Calculator2010-10-19: Keep Mirrors Out Of Birdcages2010-10-16: Early Education2010-10-12: Holidays2010-10-04: Basic HR2010-09-30: Autumn Within A Parallel Universe2010-09-15: iOS 5.0 Will Change Everything, Again2010-09-11: Dead Unsure2010-08-25: 1001 Loops2010-08-22: Sketching Gary2010-08-11: Mirror2010-08-09: Up And Down2010-08-05: Part Of A Garden Not Yet Existing2010-07-29: Again2010-07-28: Stagecoach Street View2010-07-27: Exercise2010-07-23: Consulting2010-07-22: Tavern2010-07-17: Shed Some Light2010-07-16: Geese2010-07-15: Literate Fur Ball2010-07-12: Hatchings2010-07-07: Ceci n’est pas une pipe2010-07-04: The Marathon Display2010-07-03: Morbid Mutation2010-07-01: Digital Sketch2010-06-30: Formal Variation2010-06-25: Jellyfish Evolution2010-06-23: Stalactites2010-06-16: Zarpfen2010-06-08: A Riddle2010-06-06: Idyll2010-06-04: Housing2010-06-01: Laundry Solutions For Men2010-05-30: Studies2010-05-30: Corporate Design and Colour2010-05-24: Thinking About Cersei Lannister2010-05-20: Homely Hybrid2010-05-18: Quirky Mythology2010-05-17: Wiesbaden Woods2010-05-16: Imaginary Waterfall2010-05-13: The Euro, Revised2010-05-02: Financial Instruments2010-04-29: Astronomy2010-04-23: The Meeting2010-04-22: Basic Business Gardening2010-04-19: Skywash2010-04-17: Small Village2010-04-15: Fractal Anatomy2010-04-09: Food Market Analysis2010-04-08: Nowadays Rarely Seen2010-04-06: A League Of His Own2010-03-31: Shopping Experience2010-03-30: Smørrebrød2010-03-29: You’ve Got Mail2010-03-25: Eat This2010-03-23: A Common Misconception2010-03-22: Brand New Brand2010-03-20: Eggery2010-03-19: Acne 2.02010-03-17: Landscape2010-03-13: Au Musée2010-03-12: Dinner2010-03-08: AFK2010-03-07: Intelligent Redesign2010-03-06: Growth2010-03-04: Preparing For Easter2010-03-01: Negotiation2010-02-27: Genetic Engineering Meets Telecommunication2010-02-25: Cliffhanger2010-02-23: Dessine-Moi Un Mouton2010-02-21: If Programming Was Alive …2010-02-18: Monstrosities2010-02-17: Ageing Of The Human Brain2010-02-16: Family Tree2010-02-13: Intellectual Tuning2010-02-12: 180°2010-02-11: IQ-Test2010-02-10: The Bouquet2010-02-09: Meadow2010-02-08: Michael Rhein, a.k.a. “Das letzte Einhorn”2010-02-07: A Mantle2010-02-06: Nosing Around2010-02-05: Nihil2010-02-03: Bookshelf2010-01-27: Studies (Hands)2010-01-22: Pufferram2010-01-18: Sharky Weather2010-01-16: Peak Oil Architecture2010-01-15: Trophies2010-01-14: Tempus Fugit2010-01-13: Ristorante Digitale2010-01-10: Sky of Green2010-01-09: 555-Shoe2010-01-08: Office-Utan


2009-12-27: La Nuit2009-12-26: Front Lawn Mower2009-12-25: Cameron Got It All Wrong2009-12-24: Tourists2009-12-20: Riddlerat2009-12-14: Treemancipation2009-12-10: Home, Sweet Home2009-12-08: Chimney2009-12-07: Cake Addict2009-12-04: Entrancer2009-12-01: Teddy Bulls2009-11-29: Frame House2009-11-28: Autumn Express2009-11-26: The Life of Trees2009-11-25: Sparrow Obesity2009-11-24: Garden Freedom Fighters2009-11-23: The Social Fridge2009-11-22: Balloons2009-11-20: Frankfurt Sky2009-11-19: Pears, Apples and Trees2009-11-13: Nightly Sketch Nr. 182009-11-09: Nightly Sketch Nr. 142009-11-08: Nightly Sketch Nr. 132009-11-07: Nightly Sketch Nr. 122009-11-06: Nightly Sketch Nr. 112009-11-04: Nightly Sketch Nr. 92009-11-03: Nightly Sketch Nr. 82009-11-02: Nightly Sketch Nr. 72009-10-31: Nightly Sketch Nr. 52009-10-30: Nightly Sketch Nr. 42009-10-29: Nightly Sketch Nr. 32009-10-28: Nightly Sketch Nr. 22009-10-27: Nightly Sketches2009-10-20: The Troubles Without Television2009-10-03: Glen Biblis2009-08-18: Working 2.02009-07-25: Bio-Fuelled Mission to Mars2009-07-12: How to write a (very, very, very) simple dimetric 3D-display using ActionScript 32009-06-13: Link Finally Found