January 4th, 2013

Getting Over It

worshipped anonymous, self help group, steve jobs, caricature, heaven, atheism, gods, cartoon, fun

The creation of this image was a bit wild:

In the beginning there was a rather odd feeling about the experience of a lack of appreciation. I was discussing this with a friend of mine and asked him if he, too, had experienced these strange incidents, when people fail to fall on their knees and worship him when he enters a room. The exaggeration (lack of appreciation -> lack of being worshipped) was the first step towards the caricature seen above. It’s somehow like scaling the whole thing up.

At the moment I had this discussion I did not have the Intention of producing anything. I was completely free of thinking about any aim or purpose, which is another extremely important aspect of real creativity: playfulness. And indeed I was playing around with the thought and asked myself if other “gods” may have had the same problem and if they had other problems as well and how they would try to solve these problems, which lead to the scenery of a self help group sitting and discussing their problems.
This part was a straight forward thinking episode, like letting the idea evolve. That was the time I decided that the idea had the potential to join my collection of drawn nonsense on this blog.

I found that in most of my works that people (other than me) found entertaining the creative process has also had a kind of “reverse” nature.
The status of the caricature at this moment was just the self help group of gods. I hadn’t yet decided which gods. The one with the pyramid above his head was a clear pick. Odin came next – I just can’t help sympathizing with religions that end their own existence via götterdämmerung – and Ganesha seemed to be a friendly fellow, too.
But now I had to give the sharing (=speaking) god a reason to be present. This is the “reverse part”: making up a reason, sometimes telling a story.

Anyway: I wasn’t done yet – I still needed a label. Since it was a self help group the name of the first real organisation of this category that came to my mind was “alcoholics anonymous”. Since the problem with my self help group wasn’t alcohol but worshipping (or the lack of it) the labeling “worshipped anonymous” was most tempting.
That was the moment when the last missing god joined the stage: changing the category slightly from “god” to “being worshipped” made it possible for the guy on the left side to pop up as an additional group member.