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Ingmar Drewing Just because I’ve been asked this several times: the name “Drewing” is actually my real family name. As far as I know the name is derived from “Andreas” or “Andrew” and, at some point in time, stuck to one of my ancestors – who lived, altogether, in Germany.

I am working as a developer. Prior to that I’ve been founding and running FAZIT:DESIGN, Wiesbaden (Germany) for 5 years.

Apart from drawing, writing and programming I’ve been lecturing at the following universities in Germany:

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Ich arbeite derzeit in Wiesbaden als Software-Entwickler.
Zuvor war ich über fünf Jahre gleichberechtigter Partner der FAZIT:DESIGN, Wiesbaden, deren Gründer ich bin.
Ich hatte bisher verschiedene Lehraufträge im Bereich Programmierung und Zeichnung an der Hochschule RheinMain (früher: FH Wiesbaden), Hochschule Harz und an der Hochschule Mainz.