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Color And Easter Post Cards

My sister wanted the trees from the “instant autumn” sketch framed for her new flat, so I have been redrawing and colorizing the initial sketch.

And while I was at it, I thought I could finally colorize one of the earlier XXL sparrow easter sketches. I think I’ll make this one a post card again 😀

Easter Post Card 2013 Cartoon

Instant Autumn Cartoon Sneezing


Holidays, (c) 2010 Ingmar Drewing


Golf, (c) 2010 Ingmar Drewing

Nightly Sketch Nr. 297

Throughout the last months I’ve seen, that the evolving process is not very likely to start without a significantly bigger effort in communication. Since this would exceed the available resources, I’ll call the project ended.

I will continue to publish whatever nonsense comes to my mind, but the frequency might drop due to my day job or other creative or explorative activities.

Strange Egg

Strange Egg, (c) 2010 Ingmar Drewing

Nightly Sketch Nr. 227

A League Of His Own

A League Of His Own, (c) 2010 Ingmar Drewing

Nightly Sketch Nr. 157

Preparing For Easter

Nightly Sketch Nr. 124


Nightly Sketch Nr. 122

Family Tree

Family Tree

Nightly Sketch Nr. 108


Nightly Sketch Nr. 92


Nightly Sketch Nr. 84