Daily Structure Play #2

structrue play, drawing by Ingmar Drewing

Daily Structure Play #1

Daily Structure Playing #1, Ingmar Drewing

Facial Expressions

Lucy, facial expressions; Suckers; drawing by Ingmar Drewing

Another one of the bad boys

Looks like Lucy will be in a hell of a lot of trouble.



Another antagonist for Lucy.

concept art by Ingmar Drewing

Textures, Copy Stamp and Blur

Playing a bit around with the copy stamp – nice inspirational method shown by James Zapata (during last THU) :

drawing by Ingmar Drewing


In case you ever wondered what ties are really for:

Management, Sketch by Ingmar Drewing

Refining Lucy’s Facial Expressions

Listening (and partly watching) Robh Ruppel’s talk at “Trojan Horse was a Unicorn” while working on these sketches. And being completely blown away … have you seen his work done on an iPad? Or the Tron-Stuff? In-Cre-Di-Ble!


Sketching Lucy

I just reconfigured the pencil behaviour. It’s always amazing how much time you can spend on technicalities 😉

Sketch of Lucy, drawing by Ingmar Drewing

Lucy’s Sidekick

At this point of the development of the story I think I’ll introduce a sidekick character. The male lead part will be classically a figure who helps the protagonist ‘doing the right thing’ in times when the protagonist is tempted to give in or take a wrong way (and Lucy will be acting weirdly from the start). A conscience incarnated, if you want:

sidekick character, drawing by Ingmar Drewing

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