Characters, figure drawings

Drawing by Ingmar Drewing, figurative drawing, pencil, sketch, rough, scribble

a little exercise

drawing, ink, mangastudio


Sketch by Ingmar Drewing, heads, characters, pencil


characters, ink, drawing, comic, concept art


drawing, blue pencil, concept art, character

Pen Pressure Settings …

I’ve been testing different pen pressure settings today. Should have done this ages ago – I’ve got so much more control now :D


Sunday Morning Sketches, Ingmar Drewing, sketches, drawings

Some Semi-Funny Testing

semifunny, funny, comic, drawing, test

sketch, character, semi-funny, funny, comic style

Sketches of the day

drawing, ink, faces, anatomy, expression

License Expired

license expired, scifi, drawing, illustration, black and white, ink, inked

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